Hi everyone, welcome to my newest adventure Hauté Cuisine Forever and Always! I have decided to follow my heart and it led me to the kitchen. Two passions of mine are creating magnificent events and creating delicious food. Two things they have in common is the art and creativity behind it all. Please follow my journey as I take you with me into part one of my next adventure. I will be cooking, plating, posting all recipes & preparation videos for you to all enjoy, from my kitchen to yours! I LOVE to travel and try new food experiences. So with that I will also be incorporating new food experiences that I try, as well as some of my favorite spots from all over!


Part two of my newest journey is still a work in progress but it will connect my two passions and I cannot wait to share it with you all. I promise it will be worth the wait so stay tuned for that to come!


“Set goals, say prayers & work hard”