My very first blog post

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my first blog post!

I promise I’ll get to the good stuff, but I’d like to start off this new adventure with why I wanted to start my blog in the first place.

I’ve always loved cooking and baking. Something about being in the kitchen and watching recipes be created was always fascinating to me. I loved being in the kitchen from such a young age.IMG_1983 I was always watching, helping set the salami & provolone roll ups on the antipasti platter, making boxed cupcakes just so I could decorate them (& maybe lick the spoon).It just was a place I always enjoyed being. Pretty sure till this day my easy bake oven was one of my best presents I ever got as a kid (still slightly concerned how a light bulb can make dessert that fast but that’s besides the point lol). I remember my first recipe I ever learned to make was spinach lasagna. My background is part Italian and I am a lover of sauce, but I always preferred my spinach lasagna plain (& extra cheese of course). It is a recipe that my grandma and aunts taught me and was apart of all family events. It carried with me and it is now something I can make with my eyes closed. Another memory that I have is colored, shaped pancakes, my moms specialty! Now before I get into these amazing pancakes let’s give a quick insight to my mothers cooking skills lol. She can make a mean chicken cutlet, meatloaf & the best sausage,peppers & potatoes I’ve ever had & these are all recipes I am thankful to know like the back of my hand. But besides that, let’s just say her favorite men are Giuseppe & the Ivaronne brothers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with those men, “Uncle Guissepes” & “Ivaronne brothers” are amazing gourmet Italian grocery stores who provide meals to go. I love you mommy!, and I wouldn’t change a thing about your cooking and dinner choices. Now back to the pancakes, every single year from my first birthday till the year I moved out (23), my mom would make me colored pancakes in all shapes and sizes. And I’m not just talking about circles or squares, she would go all out with flowers, hearts and smiley faces. She also would occasionally give me holiday pancakes and those were also truly works of art. Pumpkins, to Christmas trees, hearts, to shamrocks, Easter eggs to fireworks. You name it she could make it. She also is a fabulous fruit carver and can make almost anything out of a watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. Her creativity shined through her breakfast food. I am so lucky to remember these moments and I will most definitely be carrying the tradition for my children. It made each event that much more special from the moment you woke up, literally. My mom is insanely creative and crafty so that’s her major forte.

That takes me to my next topic to discuss.

My heart shares two passions, anything involving food, and anything involving an event. Whether it’s the centerpieces, to the flowers, to the favors to the escort cards, every LITTLE detail I absolutely LOVE<3! With that, I decided back in 2012 to start my own event planning company Forever & Always Events. I studied wedding and event planning at the Institute of Art & Design and after completing my first course I was hooked! I knew this is what I wanted to do, this is what I needed to pursue. There is something so satisfying in hearing someones dream vision of the event they are looking to plan and bringing it to life for them. Watching their face as they enter the room gives me a feeling like no other. When you love something, you put your all into it, and it shows. I was always told “When you get older, do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. While working on growing my company I of course was still baking. Every holiday I would create cakes, cupcakes and chocolate covered everything platters for my family and friends to enjoy. It got me thinking as to how I could combine my two passions. With that, I decided in 2013 to expand Forever & Always Events and add an addition Forever & Always Sweet Treats. At this time chachkies were out and edible favors were all the rage. I became known for the cake balls, but as I like to call them Cake Truffles. A perfect little bite size mouth of goodness with the texture or cake & a truffle in any flavor possible. I wanted to be able to provide all services needed to make it that much easier for the event host. If you need centerpieces, escort cards, seating arrangement boards(or displays), candy buffets, menus, favors (edible or not), photography, montages, dais displays, anything at all I know how to create a work of art to match any theme or colors you are looking to do. I know a little about a lot which is a great quality to have, but I will always be learning. I love learning new things, I love experimenting, I even love failing the first time because it gives me that much more motivation to perfect what I am trying to do.

Having created Forever & Always Events, and Forever & Always Sweet Treats is a wonderful accomplishment and I cannot wait for it to grow more, but I wanted to do something more that combined the two EVEN MORE!

That brings me to Haute Cuisine Forever & Always.

Notice there’s a trend going here with the whole “Forever & Always” thing, I’ll get to the explanation of that shortly lol.

Anyways, Haute Cuisine Forever & Always has two exciting parts. Part one which you are currently on right now. It is my official website, my blog, my baby that I worked on creating all on my own. Creating a website isn’t rocket science but it’s definitely not the easiest thing either and it will get better with little changes as I go. But for now, this is a place to share my love for cooking. I did an experiment with posting my dinners on my own social media pages the last couple of weeks just to see what kind of feedback I would be getting and I want to take a moment to say thank you SOO much to everyone who wrote such amazing comments. Many of you asked for recipes, some asked if they could eat over, some even asked if I could adopt them lol. Well, adoption would be a bit much but maybe a B&B can work in the future hahaha. But as for recipes, you asked and you will be receiving! Here I will be posting recipes in all types of categories to satisfy everyone. Being that this is also part food blog I will be posting daily blog posts with my dinners from prep to finish. I also have incorporated my foodie bucket list. Something that I’ve been working on for a long time and will always be growing. Being that it is literally pages long its still under construction at the moment but always check back. Basically, part one is ALL ABOUT FOOD

Part two, is still a work in progress, it will be coming sooner rather than later, just figuring out some last details that play a big part. But trust me that will be worth the wait, and answer some questions you have had. (That was a hint btw lol) So to conclude my first blog post, I appreciate you all taking the time to stop by and read my reasoning & journey. Feel free to look around the site and see what else I have. Be sure to like my Facebook and follow me on Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter if you haven’t done so already( if you haven’t done so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee go like, I even made it easy where you just need to click the words and like magic it brings you right to my page lolol)

Oo and as for the insight into “Forever & Always”.. Those are two words that when combined they bring a whole new definition in life and hold a lot of meaning to me…

Forever & Always Events, I want you to Forever and Always remember your event, that moment when you first saw what I created for you, that moment the vision you had in your head comes to life, it’s a moment to remember forever and always ❤

Forever & Always Sweet Treats, I want you to Forever and Always remember that first bite of a sweet treat that you crave more of and you’ll never forget ❤

and now, I want to share Haute Cuisine Forever & Always …meaning Elegant food that you will forever and always remember, from the smell to the plating, to the taste, it’s a moment you will forever and always remember ❤

xoxo ❤
Courtney Lee
P.s. I cannot wait to share tomorrows adventure with you, it’s going to be such a hit it’ll take you all the way HOME (hint hint)

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