It’s officially Baseball Season

DSC_4091When you think of baseball season, what comes to mind? When you think of baseball season, what FOOD comes to mind?!

For me, it’s a hot dog, fries & an iced cold beer.IMG_6117 But, there are many other options. We all know the song “Take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd. Buy me some Peanuts and Cracker Jack…” lol. So we have some fan favorites being Peanuts and Cracker Jack, hot dogs and french fries, Cotton candy and Ice Cream, but what else.
Well, yesterday I got to partake in one of my favorite days of the year. NEW YORK YANKEE OPENING DAY!!!! If you read my all about me, you’ve become familiar that I am a huge NYY fan and live for baseball season. For me there is just something so extraordinary about walking into the stadium and suddenly feeling you’re at home. The feeling will always be the same, but the team will not. In these last few years change has arrived, in many different ways. My generation of Yankees was Jeter, Posada, Rivera (Sandman), Williams, Gardner, Pettitte, Swisher, Teixeira, Cano, Chamberlain, A-Rod (and the list goes on). Sadly almost all of those players are gone, but that just means it’s time to fall in love with a new team of men. As for the stadium food, you still have your classics, but some changes have been made.IMG_6118

This year several places were debuted. They are all insanely amazing additions that I am excited to share. You can still of course get your classic hot dog and fries, but what about taking BBQ to the next level. Main Level Section 132 to be exact. One of Yankee stadiums newest additions this year is Mighty Quinn’s, and MIGHTY it is! This slow smoked BBQ joint has spots in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. This year, they have brought to the stadium its famous barbecue eats. Their menu consists of items like Pulled Pork Sliders, Tremendous Ribs, Seasoned Brisket Sandwiches, Crispy Spicy Chicken Sandwich, as well as Spicy Chicken Wings. If that doesn’t already make you want one of everything, why not try it with a side of Dirty Fries. If you’ve ever wanted to see dirty in a good way, it is most definitely these fries! They are topped with chopped burned ends, chili-lime sauce and red onions. If that doesn’t leave you with a day of happiness, there’s S’More to come. Haha see what I did there…How about ending the game with not only the famous Frank Sinatra “Start spreading the news”, but with a S’mores Bread Pudding. Four words.. Heaven-In-Your-Mouth! It is an a must try, the perfect combo of every flavor and worth every calorie. I may have added 10 extra minutes on the elliptical but still worth every calorie. lol.DSC_4118

As much as I would have liked to eat my way through the whole game, I did need to cheer on my boys (more appropriately at my seat). So I quickly did a walk through tour, to see the other newbies the stadium had to offer, and here is what I found!
Lobel’s… We know it’s been a hit at the new stadium since day one. I mean how cool is it that you can go to a baseball game and bring home a piece of meat to slap on the grill. But, Lobel’s now offers food to eat AT the stadium! The lines are long, but it definitely looks worth the wait. Lobel’s is offering a Meatloaf Burger, topped with crispy onions and cheese. They also have a trendy fry option because, why not?! Lobel’s russet potato fries are topped with prime steak and covered in homemade gravy. Lastly they are offering a Hickory Molasses Chicken Sandwich. Moms comfort food at your finest. Main Level Section 134 if that sounds like your type of meal.
Frank’s RedHot Terrace… We all know it and we all love it. I don’t know about you, but I probably should start carrying around a pocket-size bottle of Frank’s because I love it on EVERYTHING! But now, Frank’s RedHot has officially made its way to Yankee Stadium!!! Their items of choice are the Chicken Diablo sandwich, which is topped with… blue cheese of course. Mini burgers served on potato buns (Yankee Dingers as they like to call them). And lastly, a very unique item… Fresh Hot Baos. These Chinese buns come with a variety of toppings.
Bareburger… It has made its way around the world and now its next destination is Yankee Stadium! BareBurger is here Main Level Section 132, offering four different menu choices. The El Matador seems to be a HUGE HIT, topped with pepper jack cheese, pickled jalapenos and pico de gallo. They also offer The Standard, the SoCal burger and for all our vegan fans, the Guadalupe which is a black bean burger.

So as you can see, stadium food is not just classics anymore. Of course you can still find hot dog stands, and hear the guys call out in the stands “Hot Dogs, Peanuts, Craaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkker Jack”. But these new additions are great to cater to everyone’s foodie needs and I hope they are here to stay. These are just the newest additions that I found, but I plan to be back VERY soon, so my Yankee Stadium foodie journey will have to end in a … “to be continued”.

Btw, the Yankees KILLED it yesterday against Tampa Bay. Ending with a score of 8-1 , the boys gave us a great way to open the stadium for the season ❤DSC_4104

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