Burgerology, a foodie bucket list check

DSC_4159“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And they’re like It’s better than yours, Damn right, It’s better than yours, I can teach you, But I have to charge”…

We all remember that low beat dance, R&B song, that occasionally plays on your Pandora 2000 hits. In this case, these milkshakes may not be bringing all the boys to the yard, but they are definitely bringing a crowd… to Burgerology in Rockville Centre.

Burgerology opened at the end of January this year, and has been on my foodie bucket list, since the moment I heard. It is a small restaurant serving everything from burgers to sandwiches, appetizers to salads, gourmet fries, & of course MONSTROSITY shakes! For my first time, I settled for only a shake, (which I will get to shortly). But, I did scope out what other people ordered and am looking forward to going back. From what I saw, the appetizers look great, one in particular being the Bavarian pretzel. If your into snapping pictures of food for social media, this one is definitely picture worthy. It is literally the size of your head, so be prepared to share. It also comes with three different dipping sauces, a classic cheese sauce, honey mustard and a unique beer mustard. I also made sure to look out for the fries that people were ordering. I HAVE A SERIOUS ADDICTION TO FRENCH FRIES! If you’ve read my all about me, you’re already familiar with that, but if not, now you know. Burgerology doesn’t just have your typical french fries, they have a whole section on the menu of insane gourmet fries. Sweet fries, being sweet potato fries served with marshmallow sauce, yum! And if that’s not enough for you, there are dessert fries. Sweet potato fries topped TOPPED with marshmallow sauce AND chocolate sauce, like seriously?! If your more about savory, they have options from loaded fries (including cheese sauce and bacon), truffle fries, chipotle fries and poutine (with or without short rib). Needless to say, they know exactly how to cater to everyone’s foodie needs. Like I said earlier, they have a great selection of sandwiches, and burgers and also a really cool option to B.Y.O.B. I know your all probably thinking, bring your own beer?! lol. No, in this case its Build Your Own Burger! They also offer a dessert menu, but let’s get to the moment you’ve really all been waiting for…


DSC_4155Yes it’s a thing, and something you need to experience. You may need to run for 3 days straight to burn it all off, lol but it is completely worth it! And once again if your into picture worthy food, this is entirely your item! They have 7 options to choose from, as well as a build your own, and if your lucky, sometimes a limited holiday addition is offered. These monstrosity shakes are beyond delicious with every single sip. These shakes have an outside edible coating, to pair with the flavor and garnishes that are literally an additional dessert. They have everything from Mint Fudge Brownie, to Samoa extreme, Strawberry Short Cake, to S’more in a glass, Surprise Party Birthday Cake, to Cookie Doughnut (literally topped with a donut), a Peanut Butter Nutella Banana option, to my all time favorite Rainbow Cookie. I am a HUGE fan of rainbow cookies, and this option tastes exactly like them, in liquid form. It was my choice of the day, and it was hard to leave any in the glass. Everything from the chocolate, to the raspberry jelly, to the cookie cake was in each and every sip. Topped with multiple DSC_4161rainbow cookie slices and oOoO yea, they coat the WHOLE ENTIRE glass in rainbow sprinkles. Delicious, is an understatement! So if you’re a milkshake fan, I highly suggest getting your booty to Burgerology. Even if you’re not a milkshake fan, give it a try, I guarantee your mind will change! I will most definitely be returning, I’ve got my eyes on those gourmet fries. I may have to fast for a couple of days lolol jk (maybe), but I’ll definitely be back. Well done Burgerology, you are officially crossed off my foodie bucket list and a great addition to Rockville Centre ❤

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