A throwback Thursday …to Santorini, Greece

“Throw back Thursday”,

we all know it, and we’ve all partaken in it. Whether its something you post, or a friend posts, you always notice it. #tbt as you may see it on social media, has become a major part of our every Thursday on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.throwback wine thursday

My kinda throwback Thursday most definitely involves a glass of wine, but I also tend to reminisce on my best experiences. This Thursday I’d like to take you to Greece, through my eyes (&stomach) at least lol.

Santorini Greece, described in 3 words .. breathtaking, magnificent, stunning, life-changing (that may have been 4ish words..opps!)  greece13

My husband and I chose to go to Santorini for our honeymoon destination. We went for 10 days, and  I can easily say we could’ve stayed longer. Lets just say by the end of our trip we were trying to figure out what business we could start so we wouldn’t have to come back. We stayed at the Heliotopos in Imerovigli, located at the highest point of the caldera. The Heliotopos is a gorgeous, family owned, boutique hotel, built in the traditional dome style. It offers uniquely decorated rooms with private balconies overlooking the volcano. Everything from the decor, to the room, to the staff, to the delicious Greek breakfast greek breakfast(made by the grandmother every morning) was just perfect. Eleni is one of the employees (actually the owners daughter) and is by far one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my whole entire life. Her help, kindness and just overall friendly personality made you literally feel at home. The Heliotopos has so much beauty to it. Every picture has a story, every trinklet has a story, and it just feels like home (I know I repeated myself, but we literally felt like family by the time we left).lol. Now I could go on and on about how gorgeous the sites and architecture are, but I will say it is most definitely something you need to see in person to fully understand. What I do want to discuss,… the food. The amazing, fresh, Mediterranean food.

The food in Greece gives you the true Mediterranean feel. Its presentation is absolutely stunning, its freshness literally melts in your mouth, and the flavors are ones to remember forever. I will say, we did take full advantage of the seafood, and dove right into all things Greek.

FUN FACT: (&slightly embarrassing)  My first gyro experience was actually during our time spent in Greece. Now some may say that’s awesome, and it most definitely was. But, it also set the  bar VERY high for any gyro after that. lol. Needless to say I have yet to find anything as good as the ones I indulged in there.

Anyways, this is how our 10 foodie days were spent while on our honeymoon, and if you ever decide to go to Santorini, I highly recommend to do the same.

Our mornings were spent in the garden area, where the grandmother made a delicious Greek spread. We were always greeted by the employee Fredifreddi, who quickly became our great friend AND who on cue, brought us 2 double espresso every morning. From that moment life could not get more perfect. lol. We then would hop on our ATV (one of the g4only forms of transportation in Greece), and venture for the day. Our afternoons were spent exploring the island and hopping off to get fresh gyros & souvlaki off the street. We did however spoil ourselves with a couple of sit down lunches while enjoying the perfect meal, with the perfect view. Every day was different, we would explore from one end of the island to the other. One place we stumbled across, and I highly recommend was JOJO’S beach bar. That was definitely a treat to ourselves.  Lunch on the beach, while laying in bed, while sipping on HANDS DOWN the BEST mojitos on planet earth. (& I don’t even like mojitios, so that should say a lot). Looks like life just got a little more perfect. lol. While we treated ourselves at times to lunch, our main splurges were dinner. Before-hand I did a TON of research to find the best, well-known restaurants in all of Santorini, and in my opinion, I think I found them. We mainly dined in Fira and Oia. We were spoiled with a view that cannot compare to anything else I have ever seen in the world. If I close my eyes I can still picture as if I am sitting there.

Side note: Pictures do not do it justice, it is that much more beautiful in person.

Every single night we dined at the best restaurants and were given impeccable service. We started off dining in Fira (Fira is the city of Santorini, and is always filled with love, laughter & something going on.) It is loaded with restaurants, bars, gelato shops, cafe’s and stores with the best of everything. The restaurants we enjoyed were Argo & koukoumavlos. Both providing full flavors from around the world in its elegant spaces. The relaxing & high-end decor comes with great views of the caldera and the sunset. One place you cannot pass up is PaliaKameni Bar. A stunning outdoor bar surrounded by iron gates, floral, greenery & statues. It has an outrageous view of Fira & offers the freshest fruits to create your drinks. We indulged in this drink for two served inside of a melon. Definitely picture worthy, delicious & will provide you a satisfying, feel good buzz .lol.

Midway of our time in Santorini, we made our way to the north west edge of the Santorini island discovering Oia.  Oia is a scenic village that has a high-class setting. More quiet and surrounded by even more gorgeous architecture. We dined at 1800,  Ambrosia, Dimitris Ammoudi Tavern, Ammoudi fish tavern (Located in Ammoudi Bay located under below Oia). 1800 is an awarded restaurant set in a restored mansion, built around 1845. It is a typical Santorinian captain’s house, reflecting the glory of a long gone era. The dishes are presented in an asymmetrical fashion, every plate resembling a canvas, painted by the chef, who mixes colourful ingredients to create numerous different flavors. Ambroisa provides you with an intimate setting on the two small terraces The intimate setting on our two small terraces or in our traditional, the inside of the restaurant being filled with art and antiques. It is truly a special Santorini moment giving you the full experience. The menu is based is filled with a mix of seafood, Mediterranean meat dishes, traditional vegetarian specialties, pastas and salads. Dimitris is hidden in a unique spot, under Oia in the small bay of Ammoudi. Providing the freshest of seafood, literally the fisherman were pulling up to dock next to our table like that fresh.lol. But the best part, the story of Dimitris (go check it out) .Ammoudi also offers another hidden treasure, Ammoudi fish tavern. It is literally a boat ashore with its blue-and-white greek flag waving at its big mast and ready to sail. Its fresh food takes you to a magical foodie destination. greece3They sundry their tomatoes (LITERALLY). One last place in Oia we fully enjoyed, skiza cafe.  We would our night with espresso, a nutella crepe topped with gelato, a stunning view & talk (no phones aloud) about how grateful we were for this experience we were both able to share together.

Santorini is a place to fall in love with life all over again. We left FULL, but also feeling grateful, blessed and knowledgable of a whole new place that holds SOO much beauty.

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“Fill you life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

I have much more I could say about my experience in Santorini, but we will leave it till the next time.. Because I most DEFINETLY plan on returning. (sooner rather then later)

oOoO One last thing…EXTREMELY IMPORTANT…the sunset. Sunset is probably the most important time of the day. Anyone who’s been to Santorini will tell you not to miss the sunset (especially in Oia). “It is the most famous sunset in Europe!” local residents declare with pride. This picturesque village at Santorini’s northern tip gives a view of the whole caldera, showing off the island’s crescent shape from one end to another. The whitewashed houses are its most distinctive feature. The cliffside is studded with them, reflecting the changing hues of the sunset—a palette that cycles from warm gold to rosy pink to dusky blue. It is, in my eyes, the most beautiful thing in the world. sunset

Being that we are huge vino fans, we happened to bring a in vintage 2003 bottle of our favorite wine from our favorite winery (raphaels) to crack open. Our routine ended up including cheers while enjoying the famous susnet.



P.s.We also dined at others around the island such as.. Selene, Mezzo, Navy’s. A little out-of-the-way from where we were staying, but definitely worthy of checking out.




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  1. My boyfriend and I go to Santorini next wednesday for 10 days. These restaurants and that outdoor bar look so incredible. Thank you for making me even MORE excited about this trip, if possible. Santorini gives me butterflies and I have not even been there yet…


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