Traveling to a different place though atmosphere & food

“Eat well, travel often,… and if you can’t travel that often, eat well at a restaurant that can take you to a different place .lol. “

DSC_4793One of my favorite things to do, is try new restaurants. I love new experiences, and eating through culture & overall just taking in the atmosphere. I am a sucker for atmosphere in a restaurant. This past weekend, I was able to experience a restaurant that takes you to Greece, through both atmosphere, and food. That restaurant being Limani. This beautiful restaurant has two locations, the original, located in Roslyn, NY & the second in New York City, NY. Tucked away from the center of Rockefellers craziness, is this beautiful mediterranean restaurant. It offers a captivating atmosphere, and fresh options. The large split-level dining room blends bare concrete with Greek artifacts like enormous terra-cotta ornaments, serving the freshest seafood you can imagine. In the center of the restaurant, they have an ocean inspired piece of art, that is stunning to look at.DSC_4802 It really transforms your dining experience, taking you to another place. With the crisp white linen tables and royal blue accents, you are basking in an elegance of greek culture. The menu is wide in range and covers traditional greek options, vegetarian options and many choices for those who love to eat from the sea. Now remember you are in Manhattan, so prices are what you would expect. However, they do offer lovely Pre Fixe diner menu. The portions are in my opinion, perfect. They are not small, they are not large, they are the perfect size, leaving you full and satisfied. Of course you can order from the regular menu, but for my first experience I decided to go with the Pre fixed.

I started off with the fried calamari, which was absolutely delicious.DSC_4780 Fried calamari is one of my favorite dishes, so I tend to be rather picky. This was done perfectly, served lightly fried, accompanied by a cold marinara sauce with a meditteranean twist. The second course was a tomato salad, served with cucumbers, onion, peppers, olives and feta cheese. I could have eaten just this alone and had been satisfied. DSC_4783The freshness & sweetness of the tomatoes was incredible. Paired with the crisp freshness of the cucumber, onion and peppers was spot on. Tossed with a light olive oil & seasoned dressing and topped with the best fresh feta. It was a salad that will definetly be recreated and remembered. For my Main course I decided to go with the canadian deep sea lobster. It was prepared grilled and served with Greek fries. Rather then have a side serving of butter to dip, the DSC_4788butter was presented on the bottom of the dish, with the lobster served on top. Perfectly cooked, with such bold flavors, I know I made the right choice. Lastly, for dessert I choice your greek cultured dessert but not your typical one. Baklava was on the menu, and is one of my favorites. However, I decided to go with the DSC_4791 karidopita. Karydopita is a Greek dessert cake made primarily from walnuts and covered in a sweet syrup. The greek deliccase was served along side a scoop of lavendar ice cream. I found the dessert to be very frangrant, and VERY delicious. I need to LASTLY, discuss the extensive wine list. It travels to Greece and beyond, with a number of good bottles. Hands down one of the best moments with this experience, was my wine pairing. Being a am a vino lover, of course we did a wine tour while in santorini. Well,.. they offered my FAVORITE Assyrtiko white.DSC_4775 A white wine that I tried in santorini, (and drank the whole time). That topped off my Limani experience to the fullest! It was amazing pairing my meal with my favorite greek white. Overall, Limani is a stunning restaurant that I highly recommend. The service is impeccible, the food is outstanding, and like I said earlier, it transforms you to a different place. I will definetly be going back, next time to try the roslyn location.


P.s. Make sure to take a peek at the fish display in the back!DSC_4797


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