• haute

    fashionably elegant or high-class.
    a style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country, region, or establishment.
    food cooked in a certain way.
    plural noun: cuisines

Hi everyone & Welcome! My name is Courtney and I am a passionate foodie who also shares a love for event planning, fermented grapes, french fries & traveling. I am a self-taught cook and baker. I love nothing more than being in my kitchen, glass of wine in hand, Pandora blasting, experimenting with new recipes and creating edible works of art! Here, you will find all types of foodie goodness from comfort food, to healthy recipes, seasonal & cultural… and of course indulgent desserts. I love to cook and bake and am not afraid of any challenge.

One of my favorite past times is going to the grocery store… yes I said grocery store. The thing is, I’m seriously, fervidly, ridiculously in love with all things involving food. French fries are my weakness, warm out of the oven chocolate chip cookies make me melt, the smell of bacon can get any day started for me no matter what time it is, the inventors of truffle & nutella are complete genius, and anything italian has my heart forever.

I am a true music lover and won’t limit myself to certain types of music, but rather sample the best from each genre and era. You can always find music playing in my kitchen: Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, Sam Smith, Jessie James Decker, Coldplay,  Justin Bieber, JoJo, Drake, Disney soundtracks, 90s pop, 80s rock & golden oldies just to name a “few” favorites.

I am totally self-taught/cookbook-taught/foodnetwork-taught and have no formal culinary training, just tons of trial and errors in the kitchen. I test most of my recipes at least once, some I’ve perfected on the first try, some have taken several re-dos, but there will always be room for improvement. I can easily say I am not a culinary genius, just a girl  who is expanding her culinary knowledge more and more each day… & whose heart belongs in the kitchen.

When I’m not cooking I love …

  • Spending time with my husband, fur baby Gatsby, & amazing family and friends
  • Fall activities
  • Winter snowboarding roadtrips
  • Spring Baseball games.. LETS GO YANKEES! ( I live for baseball season)
  • Summer sunset beach picnics
  • Traveling new places (whether its local or international I fully enjoy the beauty of new experiences)
  • Reading Nicholas Sparks novels
  • Taking a dance class
  • Binge watching Gossip Girl & 90210 on Netflix
  • Wine tasting at our favorite winery on the north fork, Raphael’s
  • Fulfilling my Pinterest addiction
  • Fulfilling my even bigger shoe addiction
  • Malbec, Champagne & Rosé all day!
  • Home decorating
  • Finding new ways to improve

I live in Long Island, New York and happen to be married to my best friend. My husband Matthew is the hardest working and most caring guy I know. He is my biggest fan, motivator, supporter, food tester and critic. I fully enjoy cooking a lovely meal for him to come home to after a long days work. We have a 2 1/2 year old fur baby named Gatsby who is our bundle of joy and lights up our life.  I love every second spent with our little family.

I write and photograph everything you see on this site, as well as all of my social media pages (unless otherwise noted). This page is a place where I can show you what I’m passionate about from my table to yours.

Thank you SOO much for stopping by my site! It means so much to me that I get to share what I’m passionate about with you all! Also, please feel free to drop me a note (I love hearing all your feedback!) or leave a comment or use the hashtag #hautecuisineforeverandalways on any of my recipes that you try (I really love-inspiring you all and want to hear your thoughts). You can like me on Facebook & follow me on Twitter. I am also on Instagram, and Pinterest, so if any of those networks are your guilty pleasure, follow away!

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xoxo ❤

Courtney Lee