Places I’ve accomplished

” I haven’t  been everywhere, but its on my list” -Susan Sontag

My motto is more like …

“I haven’t eaten everywhere, but its on  my list” -Courtney Auwarter

With that being said, welcome to my Foodie Bucket List! This is kind of my pride and joy and something that I’ve been working on for years. This bucket list displays (in my opinion) some, if not all the best establishments to eat. Whether it’s for a specific specialized item, or a full coarse meal, these places are all on my foodie bucket list. I hope to accomplish them all one day! Some places I have been before and I will explain my experience. Others are ones to still accomplish and you will be experiencing it first hand with me (through my eyes at least) on new blog posts. Always look for updates!

If you have any suggestions to add to my list please feel free to leave them in the comments!

This Foodie Bucket List contains establishments from all over the world but lets start off with the heart of New York, good old New York City! I am lucky to live in a place where there are so many restaurants just a short distance away. In 2009 the NY post stated there was 24,000 eating establishments,  that includes takeaways, delis, cafes and the like. Specifically 7,966 restaurants. Some of establishments being the best in the world!

This section is places that I have accomplished

New York City

  • Levain Bakery: Chocolate chip walnut/Dark chocolate peanut butter
  • Stanton social: French onion soup dumplings

Long Island, New York

  • Sequa Deli: Hungryman special & Large Iced Tea
  • Mario’s Pizzeria: Buffalo chicken pizza
  • Winston’s whiskey and wine bar: Truffle french fries/Homemade burrata
  • Uva Rossa: Kale Salad
  • Waterzooi: Moules Pots Oreganato
  • Spuntino: Polenta fries
  • Cafe Formaggio: Calamari Fritti/Lobster Fra Diavlo/Homemade Oreo zeppoles
  • Doughology: The whole menu! (Devil dog, rainbow cookie & cannoli are my all time favs..rainbow cookie & cannoli are specials they announce when they are making on all social media)
  • Jam on Park: Cookie dough pancakes/Up North Benny, Lobster Cake Over Grilled Croissant
  • Monsoon
  • Vauxhall: Yard bird chicken & waffle sandwich
  • Jericho Cider Mill: Frapple
  • Brownstones Coffee: French Toast bites
  • American waffle house: Funky hash browns
  • Diner by the sea: Rainbow shakes (come in multiple amazing favors)
  • Besito: Tableside guacamole/Street Corn
  • Sweet surrender bake house: Crannoli
  • Marvel Frozen Dairy
  • The Refuge: Flaming cheese
  • Peter Lugers
  • Burgerology: Monstrosity shakes
  • Front street bakery: Dot cookies

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